Yves Saint Laurent Perfume and Cologne

Yves Saint Laurent Provides Refreshingly Bold Scents

Also known as YSL, Yves Saint Laurent is an haute couture fashion house known for its fresh, modern take on luxury fashion. Their perfumes often tend to have unusual scent combinations with a dramatic flair. When you want a perfume that stands out from the crowd, Yves Saint Laurent colognes and perfumes are an excellent option.

Explore the Fascinating Development of Yves Saint Laurent Perfumes

The Yves Saint Laurent brand was launched in 1962 by Yves Saint Laurent. The French designer made waves by bringing bold silhouettes and alternative fashion styles to high-end design. He was famous for designing pantsuits for women and popularizing the padded shoulder look that was so trendy in the 1980s. This unique approach to fashion is also evident in the brand's perfumes.

Starting in 1964, Yves Saint Laurent began producing fragrances in collaboration with master perfumer Jean Amic. Perfumes like Y and YSL Pour Homme had fresh, elegant scents that stood out from the more delicate scents of other designers. By 1978, these perfumes were so popular that YSL decided to found its own line of perfumes. The ability to create its own perfume line allowed YSL even more opportunities for creative and unusual perfume designs.

YSL frequently creates fashion inspired by art, music, and ancient cultures, and they use the same approach for their perfumes. Most YSL colognes and perfumes are thoughtfully designed to reference fascinating cultures and iconic moments. For example, their award-winning 1977 Opium perfume was inspired by Chinese scents and art. Even in modern times, Yves Saint Laurent frequently crafts high-concept perfumes with very intriguing scents. Their perfume style is so unique that people can often recognize a YSL scent after a single sniff.

Check Out These Incredible Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances

Yves Saint Laurent tends to like to create one signature perfume and then design multiple variants on the same theme. Though these perfumes often have similar-sounding names, they can smell vastly different. Explore these popular scent profiles to experience all the different YSL fragrance designs.

Opium EDP

This is the perfume that started it all. First created in 1977, the Opium eau de parfum is a perfume inspired by the fragrances of China. This perfume has been in production consistently over the years, and it hasn't changed since it was first designed. Opium has a slightly spicy fruity scent with a warm finish. This perfume has top notes of orange, plum, clove, and bergamot, while its heart notes include carnation, jasmine, and lily. The base notes of Opium include vanilla, patchouli, amber, and myrrh which add a woodsy scent to the perfume. When it was first introduced, Opium was a very daring and unusual scent that stood out from most classic rose-inspired perfumes. Though there have been many imitators since it was made, you still cannot beat the original.

Black Opium

When this perfume was released in 2014, it quickly racked up awards from prestigious institutions like the UK Fragrance Foundation. This perfume manages to be bold without being overpowering. The top notes of coffee create a strong, gourmand scent at first. As the perfume develops, base and heart notes of vanilla and white flowers become noticeable. This creates a perfume that is sweet and floral with a complex depth. Despite the name, this Yves Saint Laurent product doesn't have much in common with the original Opium perfume. It tends to smell warm, cozy, and dark with a velvety smoothness. This is a well-rounded perfume that easily suits a variety of personalities. Whether you're sporty and no-nonsense or elegant and romantic, this perfume easily complements your unique style.

Black Opium Sound Illusion Perfume

Black Opium Sound Illusion was meant to be the more outgoing twin of the classic Opium. This perfume is inspired by summertime, music, and dancing. Like Opium, it has fragrances of spice. However, it adds more fruity, spicy scents to the perfume. Top notes include pepper, orange blossom, and pear. Heart notes include almond, jasmine, and coffee, while base notes have vanilla, patchouli, and cedar. The end result is a lighter, sweeter version of Opium. It's gentle enough for everyday wear but strong enough to leave an impression on special occasions.

Black Opium Exotic Illusion

Black Opium Exotic Illusion is a romantic take on the YSL Opium perfume. It keeps the Chinese-inspired feel by including notes of jasmine and citrus. However, this perfume adds more complex blends of fruity and gourmand flavors. The top notes of citrus and peppercorn are joined with middle notes of jasmine and coffee and base notes of vanilla and cedar. Ultimately, it's a warm, uplifting scent that works well for a date night or romantic dinner.

Accent Your Lifestyle With Yves Saint Laurent Scents

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