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Sweet. Sexy. Sensual or Seductive, whichever personality you want to play-up, we have a personalized fragrance collection for it. Embrace every part of your playful and posh persona while indulging in your sexy side, because with REBL Scents you can be whoever you want, whenever you want. Creating a fragrance collection allows you to tap into your alter ego -- a simple spritz of perfume can change your entire mood. Think of it as playing dress-up, one day you’re a Bombshell and the next you’re a Boss Babe -- luckily for you, we have a scent to match every vibe. Inner Vixen? Check! Good Girl persona? We have it! Beauty Queen? Yes, Gorgeous, we have you covered.

With REBL, we make shopping online for your signature scent easy, fun and affordable. Perhaps it’s date night and you’re looking for something sultry, or you’re having a night out on the town with your girls and need something light, sweet and floral. With our wide range of Boutique scents and Designer favorites, your wish is our command! What more can you ask for? Come let your inner REBL run wild because as a REBL Babe, your options are limitless.