Valentino Perfume and Cologne

Experience the Allure of Valentino Cologne and Perfume

Valentino is a smaller luxury fashion brand, but its scents make a big splash. Valentino fragrances are designed to immediately capture the attention and leave you wanting more. Though they might seem feminine and classic at first, they have surprising depth and complexity. This creates a very intriguing style of scent that is perfect for wearers who want to make an impression.

See How Valentino's Perfumes Have Changed Over the Years

The Valentino fashion house was founded by Italian designer Valentino Garaavani in 1960. Garavani trained in Paris before returning to his home country to start his own fashion line. Thanks to Garavani's sensual and eye-catching designs, Valentino was able to grow into one of the leading fashion houses in Italy. Their designs regularly appear on the red carpet, and they've designed custom wedding gowns for stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Jennifer Lopez.

Valentino has been producing perfumes since very early on in its brand history. Their first scent, Valentino Red, was introduced in 1979. Named after Garavani's favorite color, this floral perfume attracted a lot of attention in the perfume world. Later scents, like Uomo and Donna, won awards from the Fifi d'Or and other perfume icons.

Valentino is known for its strong brand identity and consistently fantastic product line. Unlike many other fashion houses that are constantly changing designers, Valentino Garavani was the creative director for almost 50 years. This has allowed them to develop very recognizable and steadily popular perfumes. Valentino's perfumes are always bold, unique, and noticeable. The motto behind their perfume is, "A woman must cause heads to turn when she enters a room."

Which Valentino Scent Should You Try?

The company has produced a variety of wonderful perfumes, so shoppers have many styles to choose from. Depending on what type of fragrance you're in the mood for, you might want to try one of these options.

Donna Perfume

The Donna perfume is inspired by Valentino's favorite city, Florence. It combines floral scents of rose and iris which are the symbols of Florence itself. In keeping with Valentino's signature aesthetic, Donna is a somewhat unusual floral program. Instead of being strictly nature-inspired, Donna has some intense, gourmand notes. This perfume starts with herbal, spicy notes of bergamot and saffron. As the scent progresses, heart notes of rose and iris and base notes of patchouli, vanilla, and leather become apparent. This creates a perfume that appears refined and elegant at first but has a mysterious, sensual heart. Many users find that this perfume has a soft, romantic feel that's perfect for a date night.

Voce Viva Perfume

Voce Viva perfume is a somewhat new fragrance that was released in 2020. Like many other Valentino scents, this fragrance marries floral, fruity, and gourmand flavors. When you first smell it, you will notice top notes of bergamot and mandarin. Heart notes of gardenia and orange blossom gradually develop before gently fading to reveal base notes of crystal moss and vanilla. The end result is a warm, soft perfume that is delicate yet alluring. This perfume is very well-rounded and versatile, so it works on a variety of occasions.


Donna Born in Roma Perfume

This perfume was launched in 2019 as a companion to Valentino Donna. It shares some similar floral essences, but it's an homage to the city of Rome. This perfume's main essence is fruity and spicy. It has complex depth and subtle earthiness. While it does have floral and vanilla scents like Donna, Donna in Rome also contains some more unusual scents. This perfume from Valentino has top notes of blackcurrant and bergamot. The heart notes include multiple types of jasmine, and the base notes are vanilla and guaiac wood. Donna Born in Roma has a slightly more exuberant, extroverted feel that makes it ideal for going out dancing or exploring a new attraction.

Explore the Many Styles of Valentino Perfumes

Valentino produces many of its popular scents as both eau de toilettes and eau de parfums. Eau de toilettes are a lighter scent. They typically have around 8% to 12% scent concentration, so they provide a subtle smell that's perfect for everyday wear. Meanwhile, Valentino eau de parfums have a stronger scent concentration of up to 18%. These perfumes are a little more noticeable, and they last longer. Due to the complex interactions between different perfume oils, you may notice that Valentino eau de toilettes can smell slightly different than eau de parfums. Different notes may be more noticeable, so a fragrance can feel a little different.

Keep in mind that most of Valentino's scents lean towards the feminine side. The fashion house often focuses on celebrating womanhood, so many of their scents are produced for female clientele. However, there are a few unisex and male perfumes made by Valentino. These Valentino colognes are a little less sweet and a little more herbal, so they're ideal for those who don't regularly use floral perfumes.

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