Chanel Perfume and Cologne

The Alluring Scent of Chanel Perfume and Cologne

When it comes to luxury perfumes, Chanel is one of the top brands. They've been crafting incredible scents for years, and they have a reputation for classically elegant fragrances that work in every situation. Whether you want an everyday signature scent or something special for high-end occasions, Chanel scents are an excellent choice.

Chanel's Fascinating History As a Scent Designer

Since 1910, Chanel has been one of the leading French luxury fashion designers. The House of Chanel got its start as a hat shop run by Coco Chanel. Chanel became popular among French socialites for its elegant yet practical designs. The brand's ability to create chic products that suited the modern lifestyle allowed it to rapidly expand.

In 1921, Chanel hired master perfumer, Ernest Beaux, to create perfumes that matched the brand's identity. The perfumes were originally a small gift included with each clothing purchase from Chanel. However, Chanel No. 5 was so sought-after that the brand began selling it as an independent product. As the brand expanded overseas, it noticed that its perfumes were one of its most frequently-bought products. Even women who could not afford a full Chanel outfit would purchase Chanel perfumes to add a touch of French style to their clothing.

Over the next 50 years, Chanel's perfume department underwent a lot of changes. Their scents briefly became oversold when they were stocked on drugstore shelves and worn by almost everyone. However, starting in 1974, Chanel pivoted back towards its luxury market. They went back to only selling perfumes in their boutiques, and they began experimenting with more trendy scents.

With the production of perfumes like Allure and Chance, Chanel solidified their place in the modern perfume industry. Though many customers still love old classics like Chanel No. 5, there are also plenty of fans of the brand's newer scents. These more recent perfumes tend to offer the same blend of lively elegance found in older perfumes, but they are often a little bolder and more creative.

Learn More About Chanel's Most Popular Scents

As one of the leading luxury perfume designers, Chanel produces millions of bottles of perfume each year. Their many different fragrances offer unique and complex scents. As you shop Chanel colognes and perfumes, here are a few awesome choices to consider.

Allure Sport

This perfume was launched in 2004 as a men's cologne. It is designed to be athletic, confident, and powerful, but it also maintains the grace and sensuality of the original Allure perfume. Chanel Allure Sport offers a clean blend of woodsy and citrusy flavors. Top notes of orange, blood mandarin, and aldehydes create a fresh, fruity start. Meanwhile, middle notes of pepper and cedar and base notes of vetiver, vanilla, and musk add extra depth and resonance to this fragrance.


The Coromandel Chanel is a regal, refined perfume with notes of spice, amber, and citrus. It is one of the rare unisex Chanel fragrances that tend to be popular among both men and women. Launched in 2019, Coromandel manages to smell both sweet and earthy at the same time. Top notes of orange and neroli are complemented by middle notes of patchouli and jasmine and base notes of benzoin and labdanum.

Platinum Egoiste

The Platinum Egoiste cologne is for wearers who want to make a bold impression. Chanel created this scent to be extroverted, commanding, and energetic. Though it's not specifically marketed as a men's scent, it is primarily popular with male perfume purchasers. Since 1993, it's been one of Chanel's classic colognes. The scent begins with herbal top notes of lavender, rosemary, and neroli. As the perfume is worn, the middle notes of jasmine, geranium, and sage are gradually revealed. The scent finishes with strong, earthy base notes of oakmoss, cedar, and sandalwood.

Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel is available in both eau de toilette and eau de parfum versions. Regardless of which Bleu de Chanel perfume you pick, expect to notice an aromatic, herbal fragrance with sweet, spicy notes. This fragrance has top notes of lemon, pepper, and grapefruit with middle notes of ginger, nutmeg, and jasmine. To complement these lighter scents, base notes of cedar, musk, sandalwood, vetiver, and labdanum create complex depth.

Discover the Perfect Chanel Scent for You

When shopping for Chanel, many people start by deciding whether they want a more traditional or more modern scent. Once you narrow your choice down to a certain category of perfumes, you can begin considering what sort of mood you are trying to project. Consider whether you prefer sweet, spicy, herbal, or woodsy scents. Chanel also has a lot of male, female, and unisex fragrances, so you'll need to decide which style you enjoy.

Keep in mind that many Chanel fragrances are available in multiple forms. You can choose lighter Chanel eau de toilettes if you want a subtle scent that gently lingers. For a bolder scent that lasts a longer amount of time, try an eau de parfum. Keep in mind that fragrance concentration is not the only difference between Chanel eau de toilettes and eau de parfums. The company often balances different versions of its scents slightly differently, so certain scent profiles are more apparent in different versions of the same fragrance.

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